Listening is difficult / 듣기 공부가 어려워요

Listening is a fundamental skill in communication. No matter what language, good listening can ensure good comprehension and, is a symbol of respect. Naturally, listening is more difficult when English isn’t your first language.

If you’re wanting new ways to supplement your English listening (rather than relying on watching movies/shows). Here are some ways you can strengthen your skills.

Watch The News

Not only is this a great way to see what is happening around the world. The daily exercise can be great to create an English environment. Perhaps, you can listen to it while eating breakfast or on the commute to work.

A great one to start with is “One-minute World News” by the BBC. It’s short and insightful and a nice bit of factual listening practice.

Extra challenge:

  • If you have a little time on your hands, why not try to note some keywords you hear?
  • Or, write a transcript of what you hear

Listen to Podcasts

If you’re someone who enjoys listening to motivational speeches or, just something stimulating. A podcast is a great listening tool.

So, where to begin?

TED/TEDx Talks – Speakers will discuss a range of topics e.g. motivational videos. What’s great is their videos are transcribed. You can not only listen, but read along.

Culips – Provide podcasts of slowed down, natural, English conversations. Great for learning grammar and sentence patterns! They also provide transcripts and key vocabulary in a study guide!

Audio Books

If you want the benefits of reading, without having to sit down and read, consider listening to an audiobook. Audiobooks have made reading accessible for all; no matter what lifestyle! Here are some places to start:

Follow along reading on YouTube – Great in particular for children as there are visual aids

Audible – A fantastic selection of books, lots of different genres and, podcasts. What’s great is they offer a 30-day free trial – Offer a selection of free audiobooks including some literary classics.

In addition to the above, some important things to also consider is making sure to attend English classes weekly. Why? This is one of the best ways to work on listening in a conversational environment. It allows you also to get direct feedback from a professional when you are struggling. Feel free to book a free trial class with our lovely teachers at Panda Learn!

We hope you give these tips a try and wish you all the best in strengthening those core listening skills. All the best!

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