At Panda Learn we want to help your child reach their potential. Our classes are based on discussion, activities as well as reading practice, to help improve your child’s English skills. We teach children aged 8 and upwards. Our teachers are experienced Native speakers, that make classes fun and engaging. Sign up now!

주니어 맞춤영어 대상자

  • 원어민 같은 자연스러운 영어회화를 하고 싶은 주니어 (초등학생 ~ 고등학생)
  • 문법 위주의 수업에서 부족한 영어회화 능력을 보충하려는 주니어
  • 유학이나 어학연수를 계획하고 있는 주니어

Meet teacher Tina

-Teacher Tina has 5 years teaching experience, teaching both in classrooms and online.
-She is TEFL certified.
-She is a native speaker

영어 매거진을 다루며 높아지는 영어 활용 능력, 사고력!

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